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Intuition: Your Success Compass

The podcast that connects you to your intuition. 

Jul 8, 2020

How about an episode you can use right now to help you navigate this month? 

The July energy update is here! What a month it has been already and it's just getting started. Powerful energy can be used for us if we shift the view of it is against us. 


  • This month-hold on to your hats-bumpy ride-firey
  • Where is my power? Questioning of self and reconning with “do I have it, where did I put it, how do I use it?”
  • A challenge focusing- going to take some strong habits and ability to shut out the riff-raff. Consistency is needed here. 
  • Itching for a fight? You’ll get it. Find ways to calm your jets.


  • Stop saying that 2020 is so powerful against you. Energy listens to your words and right now, it’s got big ole elephant ears. 
  • Triggers are everywhere so you might want to know yours so you don’t go off on someone else. They aren’t triggers if we unhook them. (my example from hiking. pace.) It may be a process but you can do it. 
  • Goodness gracious consider what you are saying before you say it. 
  • There is another reconning happening too. The reconning of whether we like the people in our circle. Whether we want to move forward with them. This is good to consider at all times in life but when the pressure is at your back pushing you, oh my. 
  • July is a bit of a take no prisoners energy. So, with that, is there something you’ve been working on that you want to put out there? Is there someone you’ve been thinking of asking out? Are their ideas you have about work that you haven’t shared because everyone has been so tense and up in the air? Do it. Use the powerful force of the energy to help you. 


  • Creativity will be through the roof. WRITE IT DOWN!
  • Lots of 3rd eye buzzing as you allow yourself to “see” what you didn’t want to before. 
  • Allow those courageous conversations to happen. Don’t back down. It’s a great time for openness and stretching those vulnerabilities out. Do it. It feels good! Good time to do some coaching. Just saying. :)