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Intuition: Your Success Compass

The podcast that connects you to your intuition. 

Nov 15, 2023

Hello, there.

In this fun episode, I'll share my amazing horse riding journey at Dreaming Tree Farm in Chatham, New York - from mucking stalls to trail rides and every little detail in between. I'll discuss how to navigate inexperience in horse riding, learning how to trust not just the animals you're riding but also their trainers.

Along the way, I manage to draw insightful metaphors between horse riding and life, covering topics like empowerment, release of stress, mutual respect, patience, self-confidence, adaptability, and learning to relinquish control.

I share my experiences interacting with horses and how these experiences reflect various aspects of life, including empowerment, stress release, authenticity, and mutual respect. Drawing on my journey of learning horsemanship, I'll delve into the life lessons I've gained, such as being present, cultivating patience and persistence, and the joy of being a student.

We are always learning and growing as a soul, it may as well be fun, too!

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0:00 - Intro
00:37 - Background Story
01:54 - Something Happened
09:04 - Metaphors Can Happen Anywhere
10:09 - Sponsorship
15:47 - Perspective in Life
20:06 - Mindfulness While Working with Horses 
26:22 - Look For Experiences Around 
28:34 - How to Release Stress

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