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Intuition: Your Success Compass

The podcast that connects you to your intuition. 

Nov 22, 2023


In this episode, I'll discuss the importance of gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness in our everyday lives, not limiting them to specific celebrations like Thanksgiving. Like how appreciative I am that you listen to this podcast! 

I practice both gratitude and appreciation and will give examples from my life. I'll elaborate on how these practices can shift perspective and reduce victim mentality and pity parties because we have all been there, haven't we? This then leads to a more fulfilling life. 

 Gratitude and appreciation are different, and I wax poetic, mostly about how gratitude feels more external while appreciation runs deeper and is more internal. 

Practicing appreciation leads to being more present in the moment, and contributes to your spiritual development.

It's important to note that the practice shouldn't be forced; inauthentic expressions of gratitude or appreciation are not beneficial. You will know you are lying to yourself, so don't do it!

I'll wrap it all up by highlighting these practices' value in increasing self-love and positively impacting our world.


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0:00 - Intro
00:16 - Introduction and Importance of Gratitude
01:27 - Understanding Appreciation and Gratitude
02:08 - Differentiating Between Gratitude and Appreciation
03:09 - The Power of Appreciation
07:16 - Appreciation as a Present Moment Experience
08:57 - Appreciation as a Universal Concept
16:11 - The Impact of Gratitude and Appreciation on Life
19:35 - Integrating Gratitude and Appreciation into Daily Life
21:09 - The Ripple Effect of Self-Love and Appreciation
21:58 - Outro

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