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Intuition: Your Success Compass

The podcast that connects you to your intuition. 

Dec 20, 2023

Join me as I share my perspective on the profound connection between intuition and happiness. From the ripple effect of positive energy to the unique blend of seriousness and lightness in the spirit world, we'll explore how learning to tap into your intuition leads to a lighter approach to life and unparalleled success.

Drawing on over two decades as a professional intuitive, I delve into the importance of knowing oneself, aligning actions with happiness, and embracing joy in the face of challenges. Yes, I said joy. 

Discover the significance of redefining happiness beyond societal expectations and connecting with your individual sources of joy. We all have intuitive abilities, and it's our responsibility to connect with them and help elevate the frequency of our universe. 

In this episode, I challenge the superficial notions of happiness portrayed in social media and encourage you to explore genuine connections. We'll confront the presence of sadness, pain, and trauma, emphasizing the need to create and cultivate happiness. I share personal stories, stressing the importance of pausing, considering, and listening to your intuition for clarity in decision-making.

To support your intuitive journey, I recommend a practice of pausing, considering, and tapping into your intuition daily. Learn to trust the subtle signs it offersโ€”feelings, visions, thoughts, or auditory cues. As we navigate through, I unveil an exciting product, Magic Mind, that enhances focus and clarity, aligning with our pursuit of happiness.

Concluding with gratitude for your support, I invite you to connect and send feedback! Let's explore the path to happiness through intuition, making choices that lead to genuine success and fulfillment.


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00:00 - Introduction and Importance of Happiness
02:51 - Understanding the Concept of Happiness
05:36 - The Connection Between Happiness and Intuition
06:24 - The Misconceptions of Happiness
09:22 - The Role of Intuition in Achieving Happiness
13:04 - The Impact of Ignoring Intuition
15:19 - The Role of Intuition in Everyday Life
21:05 - The Importance of Trusting Your Intuition
30:01 - Practical Exercise to Enhance Intuition
33:46 - Conclusion: The Journey to Finding Happiness

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