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Intuition: Your Success Compass

The podcast that connects you to your intuition. 

Feb 23, 2022

23rd February 2022

Intuition: Your First Sense

The NBC Effect: Episode 156

As you may know, years ago, I wrote this little book called Everyone Has an It, and once a  month, I read and elaborate on the content on my podcast. 

This month I talked about the NBC effect. Not the network, but the Name, Blame, Claim...

Feb 16, 2022

16th February 2022

Intuition: Your First Sense

Raising Kids With Intuition: Episode 155

In this week's podcast episode, I suggest how to know if you are in the life of an intuitive child (they all are but to varying degrees) and how you could assist them intuitively. See what I did there? You were a kid once too....

Feb 9, 2022

There are some people you meet in life that you know instantly is a connection, and then there are those you know are a connection, AND you can have wild fun! Laurie Magoon is one of those people.

This conversation covered all she is offering, including a course to learn how to access the Akashic Records, but also...

Feb 2, 2022

Do you have a phrase or a statement that you've heard that gets under your skin a little bit?

When I think of statements that the “self-help” industry has laid out there that have not helped people, this is one of them. That statement is “find your passion.”

What if you dropped the whole I’m not enough because...