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Intuition: Your Success Compass

The podcast that connects you to your intuition. 

Nov 29, 2023

Hello There!

In this engaging episode of the podcast, I have Tariq Pinkston, a Body Activist Coach and friend of mine, who shares his journey from being an introverted guy to becoming a transformative body-activist coach.

He discusses how his approach views people holistically, focusing on their mind, body, and spirit, and emphasizes creating a safe and supportive environment. Through his own personal experiences, he touches upon how essential it is to give oneself grace and permission to witness the full range of human emotions, and the importance of self-love and self-care.

Throughout the enlightening chat, we explore themes like personal development, spirituality, harnessing intuitive gifts, and guiding others to their own greatness are explored.

This episode is a treasure trove of inspiration, empathy, and guidance.

Tariq Pinkston's Website:
TikTok: @bodyactivistcoach


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0:00 - Intro
01:17 - Guest Presentation
01:55 - Tariq Pinkston's Personal Journey 
03:55 - The Power of Presence and Authenticity
06:01 - Overcoming Introversion and Personal Growth
08:27 - The Importance of Self-Care and Empathy
12:11 - The Role of a Body Activist Coach
17:06 - The Power of Intuition in Coaching
22:00 - Balancing Ego and Humility
25:05 - Balancing Family Life and Professional Aspirations
27:20 - The Importance of Empathy and Connection
29:06 - Aligning Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing
29:34 - The Power of Affirmations and Self-Belief
30:50 - The Role of Emotions in Personal Growth
31:54 - The Journey of Self-Discovery and Acceptance
35:13 - The Power of Connection and Community
40:21 - The Importance of Self-Care and Personal Practices
48:03 - The Power of Positive Affirmations
49:10 - Closing Remarks and Future Plans

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