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Intuition: Your Success Compass

The podcast that connects you to your intuition. 

Oct 23, 2019

Join me as I interview Dr Jan Seward of She's a psychologist, astrologer, I-ching, Life mapping and amazing energy sessions.  Welcome to Intuition: In Your First Senses.This episode we're going to speak with Dr. Jan Seward.  I promised you that I would bring in people that were experts in their field so that is why Jan is with us today. Jan is a licensed psychologist, creative arts therapist and sound color energy healer and an astrologer. I met Jan over 10 years ago. I want to let everybody know that it's because of Jan's humor and her brilliance that I am thrilled to have her on my Podcast. The following is a portion of our interview: Jan: I do well in my life as a psychologist psychotherapist. What brings me the most joy is interpreting all of this wonderful information that comes to us from the universe and it comes in so many ways. And I just feel like my job is to be a communicator of all the possible ways the universe wants to speak. And for me, it really speaks well through signs and symbols, and Oracle cards can come up in astrology. And also over the years, and you've helped with this too Vicki with your wonderful classes, just learning to kind of trust intuition in whatever way it comes in. And for me, it's not so much that I see things. I'm not clairvoyant or that I necessarily hear things. I just kind of have Claire cognizance, I just kind of know, and that's a hard thing to trust. But over the years working so much with cards, symbols, astrology, it just is confirmed time and time again. So that's made it easier. Vicki: That claircognizance is a tricky one. Because we, in our human self, I think have a bend towards wanting things to make sense. Claircognizant doesn't really bring its proof until afterwards. So then you have to learn to trust the track record, where the others tend to connect more to our other five senses. So clairvoyance and seeing something or hearing something, taste something, feel something they all have a somewhat immediate gratification because you do have to learn to discern. So I'm glad you brought that up because the ClairCognizant through the law of attraction through our own interest line up with the things that will give us the data. Some helpful sources I mentioned in the show are: This podcast was recorded at ‘Alison Larkin Presents’ Produced by Josh Reis Engineered by Galen Wade Podcast notes by Tracey Palmer PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to this podcast so you don’t miss future episodes, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could also leave a review! Visit Vicki’s web site to learn more about Vicki or to book an individual session Check out Vicki’s Social Media pages: Read Vicki’s first book: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: