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Intuition: Your Success Compass

The podcast that connects you to your intuition. 

Oct 23, 2019

Welcome to Intuition: Your First Sense. On this podcast, we talk about learning and giving you the tools of how to live using your first sense, intuition. This one is a subject that everyone has to deal with in life, and that's grief. We have life experiences, we don't live forever, but you probably know that by now. And there are so many messages, so many layers within grief, that don't get talked about a lot, because it is a tough thing to deal with, it's a tough thing to understand. What I'd like to do is destigmatize the fact that if you're grieving, that there is something wrong with you. There's actually something beautiful about you, there's something amazing because you're feeling a deficit of something, and you are processing it. And by doing that, you are learning to love more. And if you avoid all of the pain, and frustration and all those other words that come along with the experience of grief, you can be shortchanging your own ability to love yourself and to love others. So let's talk about grief. There are so many different ways that grief can show up in our life, that I thought I'd cover a few of them and give you a little bit of insight into how you might learn to appreciate the process. We all experience grief differently. How your own process through grief depends on what you were taught as a child. Were you allowed to have emotions? Did somebody even explain what was going on to in order to have some frame of reference around the pain that you're you're feeling. And then once we talk about it and let it come out, it dissipates.  Have a little bit of patience with yourself. And with others. I realized in the grief process, that it's helpful to let other people know, you're not the Rock of Gibraltar, that you do have emotions. I think it is important in a grieving process is to be honest, to say that this is a human condition to experience. Aren't we blessed to be able to feel? I've used this expression, it's not the most glamorous one on the planet, but it's kind of like vomit, you’ve got to let it come up and out. You’ve got to let it come out of your system. Because if you push it down, it's going to have to come up. And that will only affect your connection with yourself and with others. And of course, maybe a therapist, find someone that can be helpful to you in your processing, and be a safe place for you to allow that grief to come out. Maybe it feels too big for you. And you don't think that you And you don't think that you can let it all go because you might not come out of it. You will. But maybe you need that safe space. Tears are salty for a reason. Grief does work in layers. This podcast was recorded at ‘Alison Larkin Presents’ Produced by Josh Reis Engineered by Galen Wade Podcast notes by Tracey Palmer PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to this podcast so you don’t miss future episodes, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could also leave a review! Visit Vicki’s web site to learn more about Vicki or to book an individual session Check out Vicki’s Social Media pages: Read Vicki’s first book: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: